KISS Lifetime Achievement Award

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The KISS Lifetime Achievement Award is a prestigious recognition conferred by KISS to honor individuals who have made exceptional contributions and achievements in their respective fields over their lifetime. The award acknowledges their significant impact and legacy.  KISS Lifetime Achievement Award seeks to honour individuals with achievements in social work and public service. It is not an award based on timeline. It can be awarded as when the Committee decides to recognise the individuals.

Eligibility and Procedure

The KISS Lifetime Achievement Award is open to individuals from various domains such as academia, research, industry, social work, and public service. The awardees are selected based on their outstanding accomplishments, leadership, and lasting impact in their respective fields. The selection process involves a thorough evaluation by a distinguished panel of Awards Committee.


Recipients of the KISS Lifetime Achievement Award receive a prestigious citation and trophy recognizing their remarkable contributions during a grand ceremony organized by KISS.

Past Recipients

Some notable recipients of the KIIT/KISS Lifetime Achievement Award include renowned personalities and luminaries who have left an indelible mark in their domains of expertise. Their contributions have had a profound influence on society, inspiring generations to come.

KISS Lifetime Achievement Award honors individuals who have made remarkable contributions in their respective fields and have had a significant impact on society.

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