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Name Designation Email Photo
Dwiti Vikramaditya Advisor & Trustee, KISS, University and KISS Foundation, India, UK and USA. Responsible for Overall Programme Management, International Relations and Collaboration & Partnership. [email protected]
Tushar Kanti Senapati Lead, English Access Programme, Project & Research [email protected]
Suraj Roy Deputy Director, Resource Mobilisation [email protected]
Kadey Soren Deputy Director (Academics) [email protected]
Dr. Shubhasree Shankar Project Manager (TIGR2ESS & CHIRAG) cum Assistant Research Coordinator [email protected]
Adiroopa Mukherjee Project Officer & Social Media Manager [email protected]
Nizni Hans Deputy Director, Project & Research [email protected]
Debendra Samal Deputy Director, Research & Development & In-Charge, KISS District Offices [email protected]
Debendra Swain UNV - Project Officer (Skill Development) [email protected]
Nihar Ranjan Maharana UNV - Project Officer (Partnership Development) [email protected]
Anurag Dash Director (Academics) [email protected]
Apratim Tiwari Faculty in Charge (Coaching Class) [email protected]
Dr. Iswar Chandra Nayak Associate Professor & Associate Dean, School of Social Service & Administration, KISS-DU [email protected]
Soumya Arunav Sahoo Management Trainee [email protected]
Dr. Sushree Sangita Mohanty In-Charge, KISS Language Lab [email protected]
Sanghamitra Ray Deputy Director, Projects [email protected]
Sabyasachi Rout Sr. Project Manager, Life Skills Education Program & Project Officer, Project Mission UDAY [email protected]
Sadhana Mishra Social Development Officer & State Coordinator, Nua Maa [email protected]
Smrutisathi Sahoo Project Manager, Project Mission UDAY [email protected]
Suvendu Panda Nodal Officer (Green Initiatives) [email protected]
Rudrakesh Jena Assistant Director, Sports [email protected]
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