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UN75 Campaign KISS Foundation

75th anniversary of UN in 2020

Given that the observation of UN75 falls during a year of unprecedented global disruption, compounded by a global health crisis that has triggered severe economic and social upheaval, it is critical to engage in collective global dialogue and cooperation to understand how the world’s community can emerge stronger and better-equipped to work towards the goal of sustainable development for all. Thus, to mark the UN’s 75th anniversary, in January 2020, Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, initiated a worldwide consultation with a strong call for action on inequalities and climate change, as well as more solidarity.


KISS and KIIT are partnering to organize a week-long digital UN75 campaign from October 18th – 24th, 2020. Herein, we hope to amplify indigenous & youth voices while addressing key areas of Education, Inclusion and Climate Change through online dialogue & discussion as well as field level awareness campaigns while adhering to Covid-19 health and safety guidelines.

KIIT KISS Un75 Wheel
Un75 Theme UN KISS Foundation


The objectives of this campaign are to:

  • Amplify indigenous and youth voices in the global discussion on sustainable development vis-a-vis Agenda 2030
  • Identify possible strategies and initiatives
  • Share experiences across a variety of Indian stakeholders
  • Garner insights regarding the requirements to build and boost capacity at different levels so that the implementation of policies and programmes can be more effective to achieve the goals and targets of sustainable development.

Each event will connect a variety of participants – from senior government officials working on SDGs, planners, district level administrators, representatives from training institutions, researchers and civil society organisations engaged with the SDG Agenda in India to grassroots level social workers, tribal leaders, and youth.

Thematic Areas

KISS UN75 Education


Education, Literacy and Awareness are the key tenets we’re focusing on for our webinar. Through a combination of webinars and workshops, we’ll address a range of topics including :

  • Career Augmentation for Tribal Youth interested in Civil Services & allied fields [webinar]
  • Indigenous Control of Education [focus group workshop]
  • Cognitive Learning through Language for Academic Proficiency for SDGs [webinar]
  • Youth Empowerment through Sports [Webinar]
  • Community Awareness on Covid19 through Sports
KISS UN75 Gender Equality

Gender & Equality

  • Workshops on Gender Equity for female alumni with UN Women
  • Gender Sensitisation training for staff members with Kalinga Fellowship
  • Open Mic on ‘Role of Women’s Empowerment to Achieve Gender Equality’
  • No More Child Brides in Our Communities – My Life, My Decision [workshop]
  • Dialogues with young women leaders [webinar]
  • Happy Periods – Dignity for Girls & Women [workshop]
  • Film “Nua Maa-A New Transformation : Story of a transgender Lovely” [E-Release]
  • Discussion on UN75 in Santhali Lnaguage
KISS UN75 Food Nutrition


  • Delivery of Key Messages on MCHN (Mother & Child’s Health & Nutrition), during Covid-19, in tribal pockets of Odisha
  • ‘SDGs in the time of Corona Pandemic’ on  ‘Millet Mantra’
  • SDGs in the time of Corona Pandemic’ on Nutrition – ‘Maggi verus Ragi!
KISS UN75 Climate Change

Climate Change

Under the banner of climate change, we engage our NSS volunteers, indigenous communities and youth to rally around the critical need for climate action. Topics will include:

  • Climate Action : Individual Action and Community Response
  • Discussion on Climate Change

Event Schedule

Time Format Event Organiser
9:00 AM Offline Community Awareness on Covid19 through Sports Rudrakesh Jena
Gaganendu Das
11:00 AM Offline NO More Child bride in our community – My Life, My Decision Smruti Sathi Sahoo
Sabyasachi Rout
11:00 AM Offline Happy Periods – Dignity for Girls & Women Smruti Sathi Sahoo
Sabyasachi Rout
11:00 AM Online Webinar Open Mic – Role of Women’s Empowerment to achieve Gender Equality Dr. Shyam Behura
3:00 AM – 4:00 PM Online Webinar Career Augmentation For Careers in Civil Services and Allied Fields Apratim Tiwari
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM Online Webinar Dialogue with young women leaders Apratim Tiwari
Time Event Format Event Organisers
9:00 AM E-Release Nua Maa – A New Transformation – Story of a Transgender ‘Lovely’ Sanghamitra Ray & Sadhana Mishra
2:00 PM Online Webinar CLAP for Quality Education (Cognitive Learning through Language for Academic Proficiency) Sushree Mohanty
Time Event Format Event Organisers
10:00 AM Offline Nua Maa ra Covid Kalian Maa o Sishu ra Swasthya O Poshana Janita Barta: Promoting Key Behavioural Video Messages on Maternal & Child Nutrition during Covid19 Sanghamitra Ray
Sadhana Mishra
3:30 PM – 5:00 PM Online Workshop Kalinga Fellowship – Workshop on Gender Equality Nikita Ahya
Time Event Format Event Organisers
8:00 AM – 8:45 AM TV Broadcast Impact of KISS on Education, Inclusion & Climate Change
Santali Discussion on Kalinga Suprabhat, Kalinga TV
Kadey Soren
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM Online Webinar SDGs in the time of Corona Pandemic: Shubhasree Shankar
Nizni Hans
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM Online Webinar Youth Empowerment through Sports
In conversation with
M K Kaushik
Rahul Bose
Vishal Dev
Sumitra Nayak
Minati Mahapatra
Gaganendu Das
Nikita Ahya
Time Event Format Event Organisers
10:30 AM Online Webinar Challenges for NSS Volunteers in Climate Change: An initiative
from KISS & KIIT – NSS Bureau
Kajal Parashar
Shyam Behura
Evening Offline Activity Plantation Drive with NSS KIIT & KISS students Pramod Patra
Time Event Format Event Organiser
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM Online Webinar Climate Action: Individual Action & Community Response
[In Conversation with UNEP, Nila Madhab Panda & Ranveer Shorey]
Nikita Ahya
Time Event Format Event
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM Online Webinar UN75 Dialogue + SDG Booklet & Campaign Report release


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