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It was a delight to meet Bilasha Juanga’s mother when she was in Bhubaneswar to attend Annual Parents Meet organised by KISS on 25th December 2016. She was very jubilant and passionate while speaking about the educational advancement achieved by her daughters after joining KISS.  She is not even literate by formal learning; obviously had no answer to a question asking her age. To everyone’s surprise, she innocently expressed her inability to tell the age of the daughters admitting counting and computing was not her forte.    But everybody present was amused about her frankness having no iota of feeling of guilt whatsoever. It was really remarkable to see her clear articulation and richness of imagination when spoke her mind praising KISS for giving her daughters the environment and up-brining, which she could neither afford nor manage with such minute details.

It was almost a decade ago when Bilasha was admitted to KISS. “The decision was difficult to take as it involved letting the small child to stay away from home.  There were many apprehensions- safety, care, treatment during illness, moments of extreme anxiety and homesickness causing discomfort to all. She was advised by friends not to take risk, more so, as there was no need to bother so much about daughters as they would grow with time and get somehow settled after marriage. The voices were loud and disturbing” recalled she while emphatically asserting her decision to accept KISS as the best thing she could do for her daughters.

Bilasha is in class IX now covering a long journey from class one when she was admitted to KISS. Like mother, she too is found buzzing with aspirations to complete higher education. Till now not a single juanga girl from her village is going to college or pursuing higher education. She is determined to make history and torch the path of progress for her peers. She wants to become the first girl to be self reliant fulfilling her parent’s dreams and expectation. Bilasha has already become a role model, as her three cousins have also joined KISS. She does not hesitate to share her vision for future; adding to that her mother affirms “ dream are just fantasies for many but never for those who are in the lap of KISS-my daughter is a living example and so are  millions others”!

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