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Scaling beyond expectations!


Twenty years old Hupi Majhi, a santali girl from a remote village of Keonjhar district achieved in the world of sports which she never imagined in life. Her entry to Rugby was not planned but passion towards that sports gradually made her entry into it and she never looked back thereafter. In 2005 she joined KISS in class five with the incentive of free education and promise of a decent career, sports was not at all a reference. But she got attracted to Rugby as if it was in her instinct propelling a determination to find a place in the field. Hupi was greatly inspired by the grand welcoming and recognition achieved by the under fourteen boys Rugby team in 2007. The egg shape rugby ball became an irresistible fascination and soon she got an opportunity to be in the KISS team in recognition of her potential talent and interest. A shy, introvert and secluded girl finding it difficult even to communicate due to language barriers, was soon transformed into a vibrant communicative and interactive sports person thanks to the exposure in practice sessions as well as in campus, state, national and international leagues. It was the game about which she had neither heard nor seen till she turned ten.

She got all kind of facilities to practice and play Rugby including healthy diet, equipment and proper training. She participated in many state and national level competitions across the country since 2010.  She is one of the strongest and fastest players in Indian rugby team and part of the team which won the thirty fifth national game in the 2015. She got a wide range of exposure to interact with varieties of players, coaches, audience and other peoples which through KISS, resulted in her confidence getting empowered by. Her happiness crosses all boundaries when she gets respect, admiration and recognition from the mass of her land and specially from her parents who were reluctant to send her to KISS in the beginning. The girl who hardly knew about any game except those played in her locality, today became the shining star of an internationally acclaimed game. Being from a remote pocket of Keonjhar district , she has been able to set mark in her carrier in sports without compromising her regular study. Now she is in her first year of graduation. KISS provides her extra classes for clearing her doubt and to fill up the classes, she misses due to participating in matches.

She says,” KISS is the only setup where even the marginalised, shy tribal girl can even learn how to turn herself into any shape of her own choices. Under one roof I found all arrangements to nurture my passion for Rugby. If I was not in KISS, I could never learn about my own potential for Rugby. My journey with KISS spanning over a decade has made me bold and confidence to achieve and excel not only in the field of sports but also on other dimensions of living life respectfully. A bright and smiling face of Hupi in sporst ground and medal pedestals reflex her jubilation as she conveys “I can!”.


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