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Apan came all the way from a very remote and backward area of Kashipur in Rayagada district to join KISS when he was just 6 year old. The parents were desperate for his education and career which they perceived to be difficult in the village. Father Ramdani Jhodia manages the family with great hardship by working for wages. Apan has two siblings of school going age who are staying with his parents and attending village primary school. Three years passed by now. At the age  nine, Apan is reading in class III.

“Kashipur” is known for extreme poverty and recurrent violence by Maoists.   Children suffer the most under such tense and conflict situations.  The Parajas, a part of the local tribal communities to which Apan belongs, are the poorest and most underprivileged; they too have to bear the brunt of violent activities and disruption of normal life. It is rare to find children from these families getting care, protection and support for education and development. Mostly illiterates and marginalized, these parents hardly understand the big talks on responsible parenting and so on. They normally do not participate in school committees nor do they think it to be important for them or their children. Of course, seldom they realize the damage they cause to the safe and secured life of the children.

Ramdani but was not indifferent to these concerns. He was helpless till he got the opportunity to send Apan to KISS as otherwise he was not in a position to invest or afford for quality schooling. In the hustle bustle of recent parents meet organized at KISS, Ramadani’s presence was noticed prominently as he was chatting with other parents about KISS and its contributions to his child. He said, “I was feeling miserable when thought about Apan wasting in wilderness. We were filled with joy and excitement at his birth as our first child. But I was getting blank to think of his future. By divine grace, I could find my answers in KISS; it is indeed greatly satisfying to see my child grow and learn in this unique institution!” 


 ” I would have been really lucky if KISS was there when I was a child because then probably I could realize all my dreams” Apan’s father added “

Apan’s father was an illiterate person though he had a great desire to study and be something in life. It was not to be, as his parents were too poor to support his dreams. “I did not want a repetition of that with my son. I am equally concerned for the other two and get them admitted in KISS at the earliest opportunity. I would have been really lucky if KISS was there when I was a child because then probably I could realize all my dreams” he added. Ramdani could not conceal his deep sense of gratitude for KISS when he prayed God to shower choicest blessings on this wonderful institute. He appreciated the KISS approach making children intelligent, smart, healthy, vocal and conversant with English, Odia and Hindi but retaining the proficiency in mother tongue.  “I want my daughters in KISS and I am sure this is the only way their and my dreams will get wings to fly!” ; really an unforgettable moment to see a happy father all in praise of what he has achieved for his beloved child.

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