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10th KISS Humanitarian Award

10th KISS Humanitarian Award bestowed upon Dalai Lama

KISS seeks to recognize distinguished people for yeomen humanitarian services through a KISS Humanitarian Award. KISS Humanitarian Award initiated in 2008 to recognize and felicitate individuals for exemplary and distinguished service to humanity across the globe. The award is presented every year in KISS campus at Bhubaneswar with great pomp and ceremony in the presence of a large audience, comprising students, faculty and staff of KISS and KIIT, and luminous dignitaries from different walks of life from around the world.

The award comprising a citation, and a gold plated trophy that depicts a great social message has attained much covetousness over the years and has attracted the attention of the domestic and the international media. Just like KISS has become internationally visible despite being in a quaint city of Bhubaneswar,  Odisha, KISS Humanitarian Award has also got international acclaim because of its past recipients who have rendered service to Humanity par excellence in an international arena.

The trophy with a golden shine structurally comprises of a pair of hands upholding a heart that bears multitude of waving hands. The pair of hands in the upholding gesture and the a large heart represents compassionate service to humanity providing power, knowledge, and capacity to a multitude of hapless hands around the globe. The presence of hands in the symbolize work(Karma) , fate, blessings, destiny and felicitation while the single pair of hands upholding the heart depict how by art of giving a pair of dedicated hands can really make a great difference in the lives of the helpless. The shining golden color of the trophy stands for purity, altruism, prosperity and hope.

Men and women of great prominence and contribution have been awarded with KISS Humanitarian Award. In the year 2008, the award was conferred on Madam Edna Bomo Molewa,  former premier of North-western state of South Africa and the Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment. Dr. Ham-Kee-Sun, President of Hanseo University,  an outstanding Ophthalmologist of South Korea and Mr. Anerood Jugnauth,  President of the Republic of Mauritius received the award in 2009 and 2010 respectively. The past recipients of the award are Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Nicholas Addison Phillips, President of the Supreme Court of UK in 2011, Lyonchhen Jigmiy Thinley, Prime Minister of Bhutan in 2012, Madam Albina Du Boisrouvray, Founder FXB International, Switzerland in 2013, Ms. Anne Margaret Fagertun Stenhammer, Regional Director of UN Women for South Asia in 2014 and Dr. Alejandro Toledo, Former President of Peru in 2015. Ms. Ashley Judd , UNFPA Global Goodwill Ambassador was conferred with the same in 2016.

The prestigious KISS Humanitarian Award for 2017 shall be conferred on His Holiness The DALAI LAMA on 22 November 2017. His Holiness The DALAI LAMA has devoted his life to spread the message of love, kindness, humanitarianism, compassion. It shall recognize his contribution to the humanity at large as a world leader and preserver of rich heritage of culture of non violence. He is the strong voice of the oppressed people all over the world and is a globe of hope in himself. The award shall achieve a higher pedestal as he accepts the award. He is the first Nobel Prize winner to receive this award.

Such bright examples for the mankind are recognized and felicitated by an institution that has turned into a revolution and agent of change,  transforming the lives of millions and has done a performed greater assignments on humanitarian grounds.

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