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Reaching the unreached

Support to families of road accident in Ganjam

KISS Foundation has come to the rescue of the families of some road accident victims of the Ganjam district. The migrant labourers returning back to Surat lost their lives in serious road accidents. The families of the deceased were in dire distress. On learning about their plight, on the advice of Prof. Samanta, KISS Foundation has come forward in arranging education at any of the KISS centres for the children of these accident victims. It was also decided to provide jobs at KIIT & KISS to anyone eligible family member of the victims.

Financial Help to three orphaned children of Sundarpur Village

In another development, KISS Foundation has extended support to three orphaned children of Sundarpur village under Chhatrapur Block of Ganjam district. The children had lost their father some years back & later their mother expired, who was the only earning member of their family. After knowing the plight of three orphan children, on the advice of Prof. Samanta, KISS Foundation extended its supporting hand by offering a monthly allowance of Rs. Five thousand only & education facility at KISS to the children.

Sponsorship to pursue Medicine

A poor and talented student Jyotiranjan Das of Haldipada village near Baishinga in Mayurbhanj District cracked Medical Entrance and got enrolled in MKCG Medical College at Brahmapur in the 2018/19 academic year. In fact, Jyotiranjan had passed Matriculation and Plus 2 exams securing 80 per cent of the total marks and had cleared the Medical Entrance exam in his maiden attempt. However, after the end of the first year, he could not proceed further following poor financials. His father a tailor by occupation, was struggling to make both ends meet, was unable to provide support. Consequently, Jyotiranjan failed to carry on his MBBSstudy. On learning about his precarious financial condition, KISS Foundation promised to provide him with financial support in terms of an Rs.10000/- scholarship per month till completion of his MBBS Course. Other kinds of support would also be made available as per need. The meritorious student’s career would have ended abruptly without the timely support of the KISS Foundation.

Donation of Wheelchair to Differently-abled Girl Subhadra

Subhadra Gumjira, a resident of Teranti village under Sukuli block in Mayurbhanj district is differently-abled from childhood. Subhadra’s father died some years ago, while her mother strives to make both ends meet working as a daily wage labourer. Though Subhadra has an intense penchant to pursue her study career, she is being compelled to rely on others to attend school. On getting to know about Subhadra’s plight Dr Samanta extended his helping hand to Subhadra. He arranged financial assistance to Subhadra on behalf of the KISS Foundation by providing two thousand rupees as a monthly allowance. Besides, Subhadra was assured free education as long as she would like to pursue her study. A wheelchair was donated to Subhadra. The local district authority was requested to provide them with a house as per Government norms. Dry food, fruits & groceries were also offered to the family. Subhadra’s brother would also pursue his study in KISS.

KISS Foundation extends helping hand to 6 orphan siblings of the Gajapati district

KISS Foundation has taken the responsibility for six helpless orphan siblings of the Gajapati district of Odisha.Urbang Dalabehera and his wife Sujani of Khari Sahi village in Gajapati district died last year suffering from fever. Following their death, their six children became orphans. However, the elder sisters Surajani and Urbhani started working as daily labourers to look after the family. KISS Foundation has suggested the orphans attend school & immediately provided them with Rs. 5000/- for their maintenance. Free education was assured to them at KISS. The Foundation would look after them & provide Rs. 5000/- a monthly allowance. Surajini, Urbhani and the siblings have conveyed their gratitude

Support to Migrants in Bolangir

Sanatan Bhoi (13), Krishna Bhoi(10) & Kedar Bhoi (7) are the children of Late Premsila Bhoi of village Ranipur, GP-Jharial, Block-Bangomunda, district-Bolangir. They belong to the ST Community of Kandha. The father of the family, Late Dibakar Bhoi, a migrant labourer had passed away three years back. Now after the death of the mother, who succumbed to a disease, the three children have become helpless & orphaned. They were living in a dilapidated building. Though the neighbours provided some support in the form of rations, it was not enough. Now the children have taken shelter in their relative grandfather’s house, & a big question mark hangs over the fate of the children. On knowing about their plight, Dr Achyuta Samanta, eminent social activist & philanthropist on behalf of KISS Foundation has provided financial assistance of Rs.5000/- & has assured them of continued learning at KISS, absolutely free of cost. This gesture of benevolence has earned wide appreciation from the local community.

Accident victim kin supported by KISS Foundation

KISS Foundation has come to the rescue of Brunda Kanhar whose son lost both his hands during a bore well digging work six years back. They belong to the village Dagaripada, of Phiringia block of Kandhamal district. The son met with the accident by coming into contact with a live wire. Though he survived, he has been facing a lot of difficulty in losing both of his hands. He cannot earn any livelihood because of his disability. Dr Achyuta Samanta on learning about the incident has extended a helping hand by providing financial help of Rs.2000/- per month from KISS Foundation to the helpless person. The beneficiary and his family have expressed their gratitude for this noble service.

Aid to tribal sisters

KISS Foundation has come forward to take the responsibility of two sisters, orphaned due to the untimely death of their parents, Umesh Munda & Santoshini Munda. They belong to the ST-Munda community of Banianidhi village of Badabahal GP, Redhakhol Block of Sambalpur district. The sisters had taken shelter in the house of their grandparent, Rengutu Munda. Dr Achyuta Samanta on learning about their misfortune has immediately sanctioned financial support of Rs. 4000/- & has assured them of monthly support of Rs. 4000/- for their studies & living expenses on behalf of the KISS Foundation. Further, they have been assured of continuing education at KISS, absolutely free of cost. Since KISS is closed now, due to the pandemic, they will be admitted on reopening of KISS as per Govt. Guidelines. Rengutu Munda & his two granddaughters are grateful for this timely support to KISS Foundation.

Help to the orphans of Kendrapara

This is the story of two minor boys viz: Jagannath & Balaram of Gahaga Narasimhapur of Kendrapara district who had lost their father some time back & were leading a pitiable life with their helpless widowed mother. On learning about their sorrowful existence, Dr Achyuta Samanta on behalf of the KISS Foundation has decided to support the family with the financial help of Rs. 5000/- per month to take care of their living & study expenses. Immediate sanction of Rs. 5000/- was also made. The boys & their mother have seen light at the end of the tunnel & hope to continue their studies with gratefulness.

Wife of the deceased in Malkangiri district

When Somnath Khila of Saptadhira village, Khairput, Govindapur-GP of Malkangiri district committed suicide due to the pangs of poverty, his wife Kuni Khila virtually came to the street. She took shelter with her four minor children under a tree with nothing to fall back upon. The District administration had swung into action by providing immediate relief & shelter to the destitute at the old age home. With other govt. Help in the pipeline, KISS Foundation has extended a helping hand to Kuni Khila by providing a monthly financial grant of Rs. 2000/- for their living expenses. Further, the children will be provided with continuing education at KISS absolutely free of cost as decided by the foundation. The family has expressed gratitude for this support.

Alleviating plight of minor orphans

This is a moving story of four helpless minor children whose mother Chandrama Pula had expired four years ago. The father had also ditched the children & was absconding. The family belong to the Pulapali village of Bhojaguda GP in the Malkangiri district. The family was found to make both ends meet having taken shelter in their paternal uncle’s house. Dr Achyuta Samanta came to know about their plight & expressed his happiness on being informed that the children were continuing their studies despite the enormous difficulties. KISS Foundation has decided to take responsibility for their studies & secured future. Hence an immediate monthly allowance of Rs. 5000/- was made available to the family. After KISS reopens after the pandemic, the children will be admitted as per Govt. guidelines. The four children namely Bhima Pula (Class-X), Minati (Class-VII), Sabita (Class-VI) & Shiba (Class-IV) have expressed their gratitude to KISS Foundation.

Financing education of a hapless child

Upendra Prusty used to live in Hadabai Basti, Chakeisiani, in Bhubaneswar with his family of son, daughter & wife. He used to sell vegetables to make a living. Then he started to sell snacks in the campus of Utkal University. He passed away some time back being afflicted with a disease. He being the only breadwinner in the family, it became extremely difficult to run the family for Sarojini the widowed mother. Hence she was forced to send her minor son Amit, a student of class –IX to sell snacks in the place of his father on the University campus. Amit continued his study despite the depravity. Dr Achyuta Samanta, being himself an alumnus of Utkal University has decided to extend a helping hand by providing a financial grant of Rs. 2000/- & assured to support his further studies on behalf of KISS Foundation. The mother Sarojini & Amit has expressed their gratefulness for this benevolence.

Help to the wards of a cycle shop repair shop

KISS Foundation has come forward to support four destitute children of the Ward of Muslim Sahi, Sabarpur, Basudevpur in the Bhadrak district. The head of the family, Kamaluddin used to support his family by running a cycle repairing shop. Kamaluddin’s wife had passed away two years ago being afflicted with heart disease. Kamaluddin also succumbed to a heart attack some time back. The wards are living a pitiable existence having lost their parents. Dr Achyuta Samanta on learning about the helpless condition of the children provided an immediate grant of Rs. 5000/- to the family on behalf of the KISS Foundation. Further, it was decided to provide monthly financial support of Rs.5000/- for ten years to the family for meeting the studies & living expenses of the children. The family has expressed gratitude for this noble deed.