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Our Motto

Guiding Principle of our Founder

I will serve the society selflessly
The society has made me what I am
I will pay back the debt without being complacent

Our Goals

  • To promote, nourish, educate the weaker section financially irrespective of caste, religion in the country
  • To establish & maintain old age homes for the destitute
  • To provide financial assistance to feed the poor directly
  • To financially support educational Institutions in need
  • To provide scholarships, grants, and fellowships to the needy & deserving meritorious students
  • To set up nursing homes, hospitals, and dispensaries for the public good
  • To provide relief to the poor & support for continuing education to the needy students

Who we are?

What we do?

How we do?

Our Interventions

COVID 19 Relief
COVID 19 Relief
Reaching the unreached
Reaching the unreached
Hand-holding the vulnerable
Hand-holding the vulnerable

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