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What we do?

Fulfil SDG Goals

Sustainable development is the core value deeply rooted in its vision and mission. The education model espouses free boarding and accommodation, health and hygiene, skill development, sports and vocational education etc which are all attributed to holistic development and empowerment. The objectives of SDG goals are fulfilled in a true sense and spirit by KISS Foundation.

Realising Humanitarian Dream

The humanitarian consideration of the suffering masses assumed the top agenda which prompted to launch of the KISS Foundation(India) with a broad agenda of providing food, education, medical care and other inputs for making an individual self-reliant and pursue a productive livelihood. This approach in the long run would break the chain of poverty, hunger & illiteracy & create change agents for the community at large.

Transforming social lives of weaker sections

KISS Foundation believes that providing financial support to destitute helpless women & children for livelihood & continuing education to young children, financial aid for undergoing medical treatment, support at the time of natural calamities which ravages our state frequently, feeding the poor and starved in multiple districts, feeding the stray animals & cattle in multiple locations are some humanitarian measures which can bring some relief and smile on the face of the distressed. The myriad initiatives and timely support provided by the platform has the potential to ameliorate and transform the social lives of the distressed for weathering the perils of the storm and surviving with social transformation.

Platform for relief to the poor

Nurturing the vision of a world free from poverty, ignorance, illiteracy and inequality, the right to access to resources and opportunities to live a dignified living for the weaker sections irrespective of caste, creed and religion can work wonders. With this belief system, the Foundation provides a platform to all the underprivileged and destitute in utter despair and need of financial help. The financial support extended for basic living and encouraging support for pursuing education at free of cost in any of the schools promoted by KISS creates hope amidst despair.

Mission of empowerment through education to the needy

Enriched with rich wisdom of tribal hardship, educational inequities and social isolation of the underprivileged and low-income households, the passion for a new India was nurtured with a key pillar i.e. education to the underprivileged. The dream for a fair and equitable society. The holistic model of education embraced at KISS empowers the indigenous children at absolutely free of cost and innovative pedagogy adopted for the learners sets the benchmark for quality education which includes comprehensive academic curricula, skill training, nutrition and hygiene complementing well-being agenda offering multiple options for extracurricular activities including sports. Imparting education at free cost provides impetus to the disadvantaged to become self-sufficient and help in reducing the inequalities and restrains transmitting poverties to future generations

Promoting social equity through women empowerment

Gender inequality and discrimination against women and girls are deep-rooted social ills that deprive access of women/girl child to basic resources and power at cultural, social, religious and spiritual levels. KISS was established with 60% girl student strength which has earned the distinction of being the pathfinder to many of the social and health issues like child marriage, infant mortality, maternal mortality, domestic violence etc. The educational model adopted at KISS with skills empowerment equips the girl children with greater employability, opportunities for gainful self-employment and livelihood enhancement which are key drivers towards the elimination of chronic poverty thus attaining one of the prime SDG goals. Kanya Kiran the flagship initiative is actively pursued at KISS to curb violence against women and save girl children across the state of Odisha has gained wide popularity and momentum. The unique experiment of social transformation at KISS has set a bright example of inclusive education and social development.