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How we do?


Education is a key activity of the Kiss Foundation India which is in prime focus since its inception. Our two decades of experience in imparting comprehensive and holistic education has taught the lesson that education empowers and panacea to many ills Education is a powerful tool that is instrumental to raising income levels, reducing economic inequalities, alleviating poverty, inducing people to make better, healthier choices and fosters confidence and self-esteem. It is central to the socio-economic progress and prosperity of the nation.


Education plays a vital role in the inclusive development of the nation, state and individual. Everybody needs to create awareness for education for all. Education resolves problems and sufferings in everyday life and plays a vital role in eradicating poverty, There is a need to educate at least one person by each individual which will make big difference. The Foundation firmly believes that given the right opportunity, tribal and aboriginal students can outperform their counterparts in the mainstream. With the objective of inclusive education, KISS was founded which is a rare combination of providing modern education while preserving the simplicity and values of the tribal community. The unique experiment of social transformation at KISS has set a bright example of inclusive education and social development. KISS prioritises preserving varied tribal values, cultures and languages of 62 tribes and 13PVTGs while empowering the students through a holistic approach of academia, sports, and life skills with vocational training absolutely free which provides easy affordability to the underprivileged.


Since the inception of the Foundation, a total number of  23 beneficiaries have got the privilege of accessing the holistic educational model offered by KISS Bhubaneswar/other Satellite centres of KISS.out of which 18  nos of distressed children have got the opportunity for continuing education during the year under review.