" My happiness after seeing KISS is indescribable. In the present times, KISS is Nalanda, Taxila and Santiniketan rolled in to one"



-- Shri Deepak Malviya, Hon'ble National President, Servants of People Society

“KIIT and KISS are labs of a novel revolution on Indian soil. KISS proves that by providing equal opportunity for education and working on ideals of our constitution and all great religions a just society can be formed. Nothing can be more gratifying than realisation of Dr. Samanta's dream of empowering tribal children into future leaders of this great country.

If dreams of Maharshi Dayanand, dreams of Mahatma Gandhi, dreams of Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar and intentions of our Constitution are being realised in true spirit anywhere, it is only at KISS.”

-- Swami Agnivesh, Noted Social Activist