"KISS is the modern wonder of the world. It is transforming poverty through education and nutrition."


-- Ms. Ashley Judd, Hollywood Actor, Activist & Global Goodwill Ambassador, UNFPA 


"KISS is a wonder. It is rare in the world."



-- Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2006 


"KISS is a wonderful institute and it is a testimony to how much education matters."



-- Ms. Nancy Welsh, Executive Director, Youth Venture, Ashoka


"I had heard about KISS earlier. You are the future of not only India;
you are the future of the world. You can change the world as the whole
planet is now in your hands."

--Ms. Martine Reicherts, Director-General of the European Commission for Education and Culture. (09.11.2016)


‚I have never seen such an empowered institution before. The girls you
are today and women will become tomorrow, you are and will remain
empowered. You will empower your family and community. You will
achieve a great success”.

-- Ms. Laxmi Puri, Asst. Secretary of United Nations and Dy. Executive
Director, UN Women


“KISS is the brightest example of empowerment. It is a huge lab for the
students. Today‟s students are tomorrows mind, and you all should make
the most out of this, in your lives.”

--Mr. Diego Palacios, UNFPA Representative to India and Country Director in


"KISS is a real 'Lighthouse Project'. It is a manifestation of the motto of Art of Giving by its Founder".


-- Prof. J. Georg Bednorz, Nobel Laureate in Physics-1987,IBM RESEARCH GmbH – ZURICH (27.08.2016)


"My country, Israel has 25000 students, but here at KISS, I see the
same numbers. KISS is really impressive".


-- Prof. Ada Etil Yonath, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2009 from Weizmann Institute, Israel.(04.06.2016)


"It is an impressive institution that not only educates many young
people but also gives them hope for the future. They will, no doubt,
grow to become good citizens of the world."


-- His Excellency Mr. Hyun Cho, Hon’ble Ambassador of Republic of Korea to India (08.04.2016)


“It is amazing to see 25,000 children at one place. I have visited more
than 70 countries, but I have never seen an institute like KISS”.


-- H.E. Richard R. Verma, US Ambassador to India (22.01.2016)


"KISS, in my view, constitutes a unique experiment in social
transformation. It has a remarkably distinctive mission of lifting tens
of thousands of children out of poverty and illiteracy and giving them
the gift of education and lifelong skills."

-- Hon’ble Dr. Justice Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf, Vice-president, International Court of Justice, The Hague (22.12.2015)



“I have been to many countries in my career and met many young
children, but I have not seen a place like KISS. KISS is so special
because it was started as a result of a simple dream of a humble man
to try to expand opportunities and education. I am humbled by Dr.
Samanta‟s vision, ambition and commitment.”


-- Ms. Nisha Desai Biswal, Asst Secretary of State, South & Central Asian Affairs, U.S. Dept of State (14.12.2015)


"My highest recognition, respect and admiration, Dr Samanta, for these achievements and your personal contribution.”

"I am enormously impressed how KISS has developed. My highest recognition, respect and admiration, Dr Samanta, for these achievements and your personal contribution.”

-- Prof. em. Dr. Hans Hengartner, ETH Zurich and University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland (22.12.2015)


"I pay tribute to Dr. Samanta for having initiated this enormous task
of transforming social lives of millions of people in this country that
we admire. I come from where you come from. Different languages,
different religion – yes! But the same challenge. You have the luck of
being at Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences, because you are a group
of human beings – men and women – under the leadership of my
brother, Samanta."


-- His Excellency Dr. Alejandro Toledo, Former President of Peru (22.10.2015)


"It is an emotional and happy experience to be amongst 25,000 indigenous children. It is a great learning as Peru also has a sizeable indigenous population."


-- Madam Toledo,Former President of Peru (22.10.2015)


"KISS is a real 'Lighthouse Project'. It is a manifestation of the motto
of Art of Giving by its Founder"


-- Prof. J. Georg Bednorz, Nobel Laureate in Physics-1987, IBM RESEARCH


My visit has been a truly eye-opening experience. May our collaboration in support of tribal youth continue for many years to come.


-- Dr. Bradley Horn, Regional English Language Officer, India, Afghanistan and Bhutan, U.S Embassy, New Delhi (30.09.2015)


"It is difficult to imagine how such a colossal organisation has been set
up without Government support. Now that UN has granted a special
consultative status to KISS, it will go a long way in furthering the
rights of tribal children globally.


-- Mr. Yuri Afanasiev, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative, India (10.09.2015)


We are proud of India as India is having Dr. Achyuta Samanta. It (KISS) incredible and extraordinary


-- His Excellency Mr. Mohamed Benaissa, Mayor of Asilah and Secretary General of the Assilah Forum Foundation, the Kingdom of Morocco(17.03.2015)


I feel India is great. Now i feel after seeing KISS, India is greater


-- Mr. Ali Abdulla Khalifa, Board of Trustees Member, Secretary General, Kingdom of Bahrain.(17.03.2015)


“You are the future of India as well as the world. Dr. Samanta has
given you a tremendous platform to dream. KISS is the right platform
to fulfil your dreams”.


-- Ms. Ertharin Cousin, Executive Director, World Food Programme.


The KISS facilities & campus were very beautiful, surely creating an excellent & inspiring atmosphere for learning.


-- His Excellency Mr. Eivind S. Homme, Norwegian Ambassador to Republic of India (08.03.2015)


What an excellent idea and concept that should be repeated in other countries & societies.


-- Prof. Ferid Murad, Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, 1998 (02.02.2014)


“My visit to KISS has reconfirmed my belief that education is not
preparation for life, but it is life itself. Dr. Samanta has successfully
used education as a tool to fight poverty and inequality.”

-- His Excellency Mr. Rajkeswur Purryag, GCSK, GOSK, President of The Republic of Mauritius (16.11.2013)


"KISS is realizing humanitarian dream of quality education for
marginalized children."Your education here - your admission, your
food, your hostel is all free. But I don't think it is free. There is a price
that you must be prepared to pay. And that price is what Dr. Samanta
expects from all of you.”

-- His Excellency Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley, Hon’ble Prime Minister, The Royal Government of Bhutan (09.09.2012)


"I have never seen so many people in one room - young dynamic children who are looking to the future of India. To be able to do what people of this institute are doing in this campus, to be able to cope with teaching and giving you future, is what I think is the most incredible thing."

-- Mr. Stewart Beck, His Excellency the High Commissioner of Canada to India (25.08.2013)


"It has been encouraging, stimulating and motivating that even one individual, Dr. A. Samanta, who was deprived of the blessing and support of his father at the age of four and grew up in absolute poverty, architected his mission to educate thousands of deprived children enabling them to enjoy their fundamental rights and excel their potential of becoming meaningful and proud members of the indigenous and global family.

Dr. Samanta did not want the world to remain as was for him, rather he dreamt to change it."

-- Mr. Ghulam Farooq Wardak, Hon’ble Minister of Education, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (09.09.2012)


" KISS is God's own assembly of humakind and a great expression of humanity. It is amazing to see how God uses man to reach out and touch the lives of multitudes."


-- Rev. Harris Majeke, his excellency the High Commissioner of South africa to India (23.09.2012)


"This is one of the most amazing and inspiring organizations I have ever seen. Its purposes and vision are laudable. Its practices admirable and its people remarkable. The world would be a better place if KISS could be replicated in every part of the world where there is a need."

-- Ms. Diana Aviv; President and CEO, Independent Sector, U.S.A (24.08.2012)


'Thank you very much for your warm welcome to this inspiring place of education. I am honoured to be here and humbled by what I have seen here.'

The Right Honourable Mr. Andrew Mitchell, Secretary of State for International Development, The United Kingdom (15.12.2011)


'I am overwhelmed to see this wonderful Institution. It is building a better future for all its pupils and India as a whole.'

--His Excellency Mr. James David Bevan, British High Commissioner - designate to India (15.12.2011)


'I am very happy to be here in KISS, where many tribal children are developing their knowledge and skill.'


--Hon’ble Shri Jhala Nath Khanal, Former Prime Minister of Nepal (25.09.2011)


“This is an excellent example of the foundation pillars of Indo-US Bilateral Relations. This people to people exchange warms my heart."   


--Ms. Reta Jo Lewis, Special Representative, Global Intergovernmental Affairs, U.S. State Department (04.08.2011)


“You are lucky to find opportunity to study here and it is only because of the hard work
of Dr. Samanta”


-- Rt. Hon Lord Nicholas Addison Phillips, President (Chief Justice) of the Supreme Court of U.K. (30.04.2011)

"Achtuya Samanta’s initiative for the development of tribals through education is illustrative of Gandhiji’s love for the tribals living in the lowest strata of the society."


-- Rt. Hon. Sir Anerood Jugnauth, His Excellency the President of Mauritius (14.11.2011)

"This story of KISS would be exceptional in its own right – but it is even more unique in that the dream of a better life is extended to tribal students, students from poor backgrounds and students without certain futures. I find American dream being fulfilled here. I hope this example expands across India for thousands of lives and is a promising ripple of hope for transforming Indian future."

-- Mr. Timothy J. Roemer, His Excellency the U.S. Ambassador to India (07.04.2010)

"I am speechless at what I see here. The sight of 12,000 children seated together in one place filled my heart with love and admiration. Contribution of KISS is commendable and UNESCO looks forward to greater universal partnership with this unique institute."


-- Dr. Davidson L. Hepburn, Hon’ble President of UNESCO General Conference (12.11.2010)

"KISS is an extraordinary initiative to try to educate tribal children."



-- Prof. Rolf M. Zinkernagel, Nobel Laureate in Medicine (1996) (22.11.2007)

"KISS is a institution from which South Africa can learn."

-- Ms. Edna Bomo Molewa, Cabinet Minister, (Social Devt) in South Africa, National Assembly (17.09.2008)

"KISS is a living example of Gandhi’s belief that you must be the change you want to see in the world. KISS has opened the opportunity to tribal children to the world."


-- US Rep. Jim McDermott, Honorary Chair of WASITRAC (14.11.2010)

"I pay special tribute to the great humanitarian service to the tribal children by providing first class education-key to their social mobility in India. UNESCO will accompany you in this great mission."


-- Mr. Armoogum Parsuramen, Director of the UNESCO Office in New Delhi & UNESCO Representative to India, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka (12.11.2010)

"I have been extraordinarily impressed with the phenomenal work undertaken by KIIT/KISS. The work of these two institutions gives me great hope that the challenges facing eastern India can be translated into opportunity. You are truly inspirations for all of the world."

-- Dr. Robert S. Zeigler, Director General, International Rice Research Institute, Manila, Philippines (20.11.2009)

"Seldomly involvements are used so efficiently to the benefit of the weakest of the society. We are left with one of the deepest impression of a journey to another country."


-- Prof. Hans Hengartner, Faculty of Medicine, University of Zurich (22.11.2007)


"I am very impressed by what I saw at KIIT & KISS. To me, this is like another Shantiniketan, and arguably better."


-- Wenchyi Ong, Representative, Taipei Economic and Cultural Center, New Delhi

"I am very impressed with the facilities at KISS and KIIT. "


-- Mr. Sanjay Wadvani, Deputy High Commissioner, British Deputy High Commission, Kolkata

"We wish KISS to grow and be able to be a good example to the world."



-- Mr. Gaba Tabane, CEO, Invest North West Province, South Africa