"KISS is like a Gurukul, the facilities and amenities are an eye opener
for everyone. Its incredible growth over such a short span of time
amazes me."


-- Hon’ble Shri Justice Vineet Saran, Chief Justice, Odisha High Court,(14.08.2015)

"Why not replicate KISS elsewhere, ignoring the problem of an
inability to clone Achyuta Samanta?"


-- Padmashree Dr. Bibek Debroy, Eminent Economist & Members, NITIAayog, Govt, of India (14.08.2015)

"I have seen the humane face of the University and, as an individual, I
am deeply moved by the work being done here proving that they can
do it by providing almost everything to more than 25,000 tribal
children absolutely free towards creating an equable world sans

-- Dipak Misra,Judge, Supreme Court of India (22.12.2015)

"I have been to more than 50 countries in the world and I have spent
time in some of the countries much longer, but I have not come across
any institution of this kind anywhere in the world – where 25,000
tribal children are given almost world class education free of cost.
Great tribute to Dr. Samanta, we salute you for this."

-- Hon’ble Dr. Justice Dalveer Bhandari, Judge, International Court of Justice, The Hague (22.12.2015)

"Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) is indeed a pride of our country; it is much more than a school, it is an agent of social change. The institute is giving tribal children an opportunity to dream and realise their dreams.

-- His Lordship Shri Justice P. Sathasivam, Hon’ble Chief Justice of India (09.08.2013)

"Efforts put in, inorder to bring out the potential of young and disadvantaged students from the tribal region will leave a mark in my mind wherever I recall my visit to Orissa."

-- Mr. Ajith Singh, Consul General, The Republic of Singapore, Mumbai. (19.11.20123)

"I could feel a positive vibration in KISS campus. It is an exemplary work rarely seen anywhere in the world."


-- Hon’ble Mr. Justice Altamas Kabir, Chief Justice of India (12.02.2011)

"I commend Dr. Samanta, who conceptualised and established this institute for a better and bright future of tribal boys and girls. I have seen many institutes, but what i am seeing here today is amazing."

-- Hon'ble Mrs. Justice Gyan Sudha Mishra, Judge Supreme Court of India (22.09.2012)

"I had not heard much about KIIT & KISS before coming here. My perception was that they are small institutions. I'm surprised to see so much work being done here."

-- Dr. S. Y. Quraishi, Chief Election Commissioner, India (10.01.2011)

"I was highly impressed by the work being done by Dr. Samanta and his team. I have seen many factories but not a human factory like this. KISS is a pride of the state and jewel in the crown of our country.
I would be happy to be associated with KISS in whatever manner I can."

-- Shri Harun Rashid Khan, Hon’ble Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India (30.04.2012)

"Education and upliftment of tribal children through KISS is an example of protection of tribal human rights."


-- Hon’ble Justice Shri P. N. Bhagwati, Chairman, UNHRC & Former Chief Justice of India (25.01.2009)

"One has to see this place to believe that such results can be achieved, which are the true vision of FREE India. I wish the KISS experiment is reflected throughout the country."
-- Hon’ble Shri Justice J. S. Verma, Former Chief Justice of India (08.02.2010)

"Values of humanity that Dr. Samanta personifies are rarely found."


-- Hon’ble Justice Shri Arijit Pasayat, Judge, Supreme Court of India (26.12.2008)

"KIIT and KISS complement rich culture and tradition of Odisha and add to the intellectual wealth of the State."


-- Hon’ble Justice, Shri S. B. Sinha, Judge, Supreme Court of India (20.09.2009)

"When I arrived at KISS, I didn’t have even faintest idea of what to expect. KISS is a great institution."


--Shri Ram Jethmalani, Hon’ble MP (R.S.) and noted lawyer (26.03.2011)

"The initiative taken by Dr. Samanta for education of tribal children is commendable. "


-- Padmashree Prof. N. R. Madhav Menon, President, Equal Opportunity Commission, Govt. of India & Former VC, NLSIU, Bangalore (19.01.2009)

"Dr. Samanta’s vision to establish KISS is highly commendable and I extend full support to the cause of downtrodden tribal children. I wish to be a part of the KISS Family."

-- Mr. Navin B. Chawla, Former Election Commissioner of India (07.12.2010)

"KISS has a very noble intention. In our country it has been a dream to provide all children opportunity of education. KISS realizes the dream of education for all."


-- Shri Harsh Mander, Member of National Advisory Council of the UPA Govt & Special Commissioner to the Supreme Court of India (05.09.2010)

"Providing free education, food, living and all facilities to the thousands of children is not an easy task. KISS shows this can be done and Dr. Samanta’s initiative of setting up this novel institution is highly commendable."

-- Shri S. R. Tayal, His Excellency the Indian Ambassador to Korea (13.09.2008)

"I am overwhelmed with the mission and activities of KISS. Dr. Samanta’s initiative of empowering thousands of tribal children through this institute will definitely bring a positive change in this region."

-- Prof. Sukhdeo Thorat, Chairman, UGC (24.02.2008)

"I am very inspired of the yeoman service rendered by Dr. Samanta through KISS. Such institutions are required in every sector. I hope Dr. Samanta can open schools in all the tribal districts of the country."

-- Shri T. Vijay Kumar, IAS, Director, National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM), Government of India